The future of work: empowering independent workers

  1. a high degree of autonomy,
  2. payment by task, assignment or sale,
  3. and, a short term relationship between worker / client.

Generation 1: creating the market

Generation 2: supporting the workers in the long term

  1. different type of insurance for individual workers
  2. facilitating easiness of doing business (from umbrella companies to invoice management and taxation support)
  3. facilitating access to finance both from a professional and personal prospective.

So, what is exciting?

  1. New ways to aggregate independent workers and facilitate collaborations
  2. New distribution channels for services targeted to independent workers: one-portal-rules it all, workers’ services marketplaces or vertical platforms
  3. Cross-border services removing layers of bureaucracy for the independent workers (admin, accounting, expenses, taxation)




European of Italian nationality. VC at @inventureVC @a_adp

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Andrea Di Pietrantonio

Andrea Di Pietrantonio

European of Italian nationality. VC at @inventureVC @a_adp

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