Reflections on 3 years of finding a product/market fit inside a venture fund

  • Portfolio Operations is still a terribly misunderstood term. For me, it signals our commitment to giving our all to help our hyper-growth portfolio companies like Swappie and Insurello, by having a structured function, team and a product, that is separated from our day-to-day investment activities. That way we can remain laser-focused on helping the portfolio companies with solving meaningful problems in the most efficient and enjoyable way. Our daily work consists mostly of giving strategic advice and sparring, sharing more practical know-how, or connecting our entrepreneurs to the best people we have in our network.
  • My first 3 years of doing Portfolio Operations has had awfully a lot in common with finding product/market fit and trying to get to the intersection of what our entrepreneurs need the most and where we can genuinely make the most impact for them.
  • That just like in startups, saying ‘no’ and being relentless about focusing on just selected things (for us, mostly things related to expansion and talent), makes all the difference when it comes to delivering just the right things at just the right time.
  • Portfolio Operations should probably take a page or two from the playbooks of Customer Success Management, because that’s what we’re ultimately trying to do: make our customers — the very best Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs — succeed in the crazy hard and ambitious mission they’ve taken upon.

1. Onboarding (the startup into our portfolio)

2. Execution and expansion

3. Fundraising and renewal

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European of Italian nationality. VC at @inventureVC @a_adp

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Andrea Di Pietrantonio

Andrea Di Pietrantonio

European of Italian nationality. VC at @inventureVC @a_adp

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