One year into VC Platform

How we started

  • Publicly available knowledge: knowledge from blog posts and other VCs that we believe is particularly relevant for the portfolio (a16z and First Round have done an amazing job in this area, great to filter and use their products)
  • Partner knowledge: we rely on partners such as head hunters, consultants or lawyers for some of the activities we do. We have gathered best practices from them and made them available to our entrepreneurs. We built resources such as what you need to know when hiring a head-hunter, what kind of process a certain ISO certificate requires as well as assembled over 150 legal templates our portfolio can use for free.
  • Inventure knowledge: this is where we have more specific information on how we see and deal with certain issues from fundraising to option pools and board meeting reports. Inventure has accumulated over a decade of startup knowledge and we have been working on codifying it to make it more consumable by the portfolio.
  • Portfolio knowledge: as mentioned above, a lot of useful information sits within our portfolio companies. We have built some proprietary database from the portfolio and other startups to create benchmarks and best practices in terms of recruitment, salaries and other tools.

The bottom part of the iceberg

  • Resource optimization: some startups might experience a need that is best answered by a specific person within Inventure team or our network. We try to anticipate that need to find the most suitable fit to help the companies. Something well planned is half done and it surely saves time for internal resources.
  • Expectation management: both for us and the portfolio companies, as well as potential startups in dealflow that can have a sneak peek into how we work as a team. CEOs need to be able to know what value will come from which investor and plan accordingly.
  • Impact assessment: in the long term, we will have a quite valuable dataset to link actions performed with results. Some results might be fairly easy to predict, but a number driven approach might unveil some hidden gems of the value creation process.



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Andrea Di Pietrantonio

Andrea Di Pietrantonio

European of Italian nationality. VC at @inventureVC @a_adp