Stockholm ahoy!

Andrea Di Pietrantonio
2 min readNov 9, 2018


Sweden (and Stockholm) in particular, is one of the hottest areas in the Nordics when it comes to seed and early stage companies. At Inventure, we have been working hard to strengthen and expand our Swedish network and gain further visibility in the local dealflow.

Our team (hats off to Tatiana & Linus who are based in Stockholm) has done an amazing job and we has added new companies to the Swedish side of Inventure family in the last few months (Stravito and Elsa Science recently announced, plus some more are to follow).

Personally, as an Italian living in Finland, and working in Helsinki’s startup environment for almost 6 years, I have had the great opportunity to build a network and learn from the Finnish ecosystem. Over time, I also benefitted from exposure to the Danish scene and the growing Oslo environment. My Swedish network, however, has not quite yet been up to par to the rest of the Nordic countries.

Luckily, and hopefully, that is about to change as I am spending the whole month of November working from Inventure’s Stockholm office. My agenda here is simple: connecting with extraordinary individuals within and outside our portfolio, spending time with the portfolio and the Swedish dealflow.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks we are hosting a couple of interesting events to support the portfolio companies and the local ecosystem(CEO Meetup on November 14th and Machine Learning workshop on November 27th).

So, is it there an action point to all of this?


I am here to meet with entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders, from early stage investors to researchers, PhD students and industry experts. If you fall within one of those categories and you think our investments are exciting (they definitely are!), ping me on LinkedIn or at