Nordic startup service provider database

Our portfolio companies often seek different kinds of service providers, from head hunters to growth hackers, PR and marketing agencies. From a founder’s point of view, speed and quality of an intro are one of the main things expected from investors. I believe, as any customer service oriented business, we need to improve how quickly and accurately we can provide our portfolio with the relevant contacts.

For this reason, as a group of Nordic seed and early stage VCs, we are working together to create a database of different type of providers for the benefit of our portfolio companies. We are all based in different parts of the Nordics but our companies are active throughout the region. As investors, we are often asked suggestions or references regarding different engagements our companies look into.

We will build this database by combining our own existing contacts and crowdsourcing new ones. If you work with startups in one of the areas mentioned above, fill out the form below to be added to the database. All VCs in the project will be able to see this data. The data will only be shared to the portfolio companies in a curated form depending on their needs.

Funds participating in the database

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