• The post aims to highlight my role at Inventure and how we are trying to change the way a seed VC fund operates. Do VCs really add values to the portfolio? And how?
  • Inventure’s work on VC platform has evolved during the last year into a more structured and data…

Sweden (and Stockholm) in particular, is one of the hottest areas in the Nordics when it comes to seed and early stage companies. At Inventure, we have been working hard to strengthen and expand our Swedish network and gain further visibility in the local dealflow.

Our team (hats off to…

What it is and what does platform mean for VCs?

Roughly one year ago we launched Inventure Awake for our portfolio. The primary goal of this initiative was, and still is, to facilitate the access and transfer of knowledge.

Simply put, there is a lot of information spread across the…

Andrea Di Pietrantonio

European of Italian nationality. VC at @inventureVC @a_adp

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