It’s already been well over 3 years that I’ve worked at Inventure honing our Portfolio Operations, and today marks a special day. I’m now officially a Portfolio Operations Director at Inventure, which is not only an exciting validation of the work done so far, but a strong indicator of where we will be pushing in the future to make a difference for our founders.

All of it has me in a reflective mood, which is why I’ve tried to gather some of my learnings in this article, such as:

  • Portfolio Operations is still a terribly misunderstood term. For me, it…

Long story short: I woke up early and started thinking about company culture. What type of culture do I want to contribute building?

Result: you are now stuck with my short thoughts on what I feel culture should/could be like.

The observations below are preliminary thoughts meant for discussion. Let me know if you agree or disagree!

Ground your vision and wear it like an armour

We want to elevate the world’s consciousness


Let’s put it this way, it should be something you can go repeat home to your parents/grandparents and not be laughed at. …

Our portfolio companies often seek different kinds of service providers, from head hunters to growth hackers, PR and marketing agencies. From a founder’s point of view, speed and quality of an intro are one of the main things expected from investors. I believe, as any customer service oriented business, we need to improve how quickly and accurately we can provide our portfolio with the relevant contacts.

For this reason, as a group of Nordic seed and early stage VCs, we are working together to create a database of different type of providers for the benefit of our portfolio companies. We…


  • The post aims to highlight my role at Inventure and how we are trying to change the way a seed VC fund operates. Do VCs really add values to the portfolio? And how?
  • Inventure’s work on VC platform has evolved during the last year into a more structured and data driven value creation exercise
  • Inventure’s portfolio companies now go through an on-boarding workshop to define priorities and how we will be supporting them
  • We have run over 170 value creation “programs” so far this year with more to come in the coming months
  • How my role has evolved: I divide…

The future of work is an immense topic encompassing different smaller trends, from education to admin, accounting, insurance and social security. HR-tech innovation in the way corporates and SMEs work is a very interesting topic, recently covered by a good analysis by Atomico. In the following overview I look at this space from a slightly different angle to focus on gig/freelance economy and its evolution and growth trends. The choice is driven by a combination micro-trends (new technologies, UXs and marketplaces emerging) and macro-trends on a society level combined with a sizeable TAM (Total Addressable Market). In the most optimistic…

Sweden (and Stockholm) in particular, is one of the hottest areas in the Nordics when it comes to seed and early stage companies. At Inventure, we have been working hard to strengthen and expand our Swedish network and gain further visibility in the local dealflow.

Our team (hats off to Tatiana & Linus who are based in Stockholm) has done an amazing job and we has added new companies to the Swedish side of Inventure family in the last few months (Stravito and Elsa Science recently announced, plus some more are to follow).

Personally, as an Italian living in Finland…

What it is and what does platform mean for VCs?

Roughly one year ago we launched Inventure Awake for our portfolio. The primary goal of this initiative was, and still is, to facilitate the access and transfer of knowledge.

Simply put, there is a lot of information spread across the portfolio that, at a given time, would be useful for someone else in a different company, save some time and money, and ultimately support growth. However, by its very nature, this information is sticky, difficult to identify and to move in a scalable way.

Inventure Awake aims at solving this…

Andrea Di Pietrantonio

European of Italian nationality. VC at @inventureVC @a_adp

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